About the DOSIRD project


Project description


The first faculties in Novi Sad were founded in 1954. The University of Novi Sad was founded on 28th of June 1960 and it represents an autonomous institution for education, science and arts. While software infrastructure for educational domain of the University of Novi Sad is well developed, there is lack of software infrastructure for science and arts. The main goal of this project is Development Of Software Infrastructure for Research Domain of the University of Novi Sad (DOSIRD UNS). The project has been started in 2009. The project activities include the following activites:

  1. Analyzing the University management requirements related to research domain
  2. Analyzing European systems and standards related to research domain
  3. Participation in scientific conferences and organizations related to the research domain
  4. Development of a research information system
  5. Research data acquiring
  6. Organizing trainings for using the research information system and promotion of the system
  7. Integration of a digital library of Ph.D. dissertations as a subsystem
  8. Ph.D. dissertations data acquiring
  9. Installation of Automatic book scanner and organizing trainings for using it
  10. Creating open-access licenses
  11. Creation of workflow for submission and defending Ph.D. dissertation
  12. Integration of an institutional repository as a subsystem
  13. Digital scientific research outputs acquiring
  14. Enabling interoperability between the system and educational information systems of faculties belonging to the University of Novi Sad
  15. Creation of workflow for evaluation of scientific research outputs in accordance with evaluation rulebook prescribed by Government of the Republic of Serbia
  16. Evaluation data acquiring


Our mission


Our mission is development of software infrastructure which will fulfill all local requirements prescribed by the University, government of the Autonomous province of Vojvodina and government of the Republic of Serbia. Besides that, the software infrastructure should be implemented in accordance with international well known standards and protocols belonging to the field of research domain. Besides that, wider goals of the project include:

  • Improving discoverability of the University of Novi Sad scientific outputs
  • Capacity raising for scientific cooperation between the University of Novi Sad researchers and researchers from all over the world
  • Saving scientific heritage of the University of Novi Sad
  • Promotion of publishing scientific outputs under open access license, and searching related works and partners for doing further research through single web point of the University of Novi Sad research domain
  • Facilitating research management  and production of better scientific results
  • Improving rating of the University


Our goals


Specific goals of the project are the following:

  1. Development of a research information system ( CRIS UNS )
  2. Development of a digital library of Ph.D. dissertations defended at the University of Novi Sad  ( PhD UNS )
  3. Development of an institutional repository of scientific research outputs of the University of Novi Sad (not yet implemented)
  4. Export data to the following networks of digital libraries and institutional repositories: DARTEurope , OATD,  OpenAIRE+ 
  5. Implementation of searching data through a web page and through a standardized protocol for Search/Retrieve via URL (SRU)