Results of the DOSIRD UNS project


Results of the project produced up to this moment can be grouped in the following groups:


1. Software infrastructure - CRIS UNS and PHD UNS 

     Current Research Information System at University of Novi Sad (CRIS UNS) is the main result of this project.

     PHD UNS is a digital library of dissertations defended at the University of Novi Sad.


2. Procedure for submission and defence of a phd dissertation

     The document prescribed by the University of Novi Sad describes the current process of a PhD dissertation submission.


3. Created documents for CRIS UNS and PHD UNS

     The following documents were created:

     The Statement Of PhD On The Usage Of The Doctoral Thesis in e-form and Discussion On Initiatives Of Development CRIS UNS


4. Usage statistics for PHD UNS

     The PhD UNS digital library contains metadata about 4,377 dissertations.

     The digital library logs messages about downloading PhD dissertations.


5. Published scientific results

      Besides the usage of the CRIS UNS and PHD UNS systems, scientific-research community recognized the importance

      of obtained results within this project .

      More than 30 research publications has been published