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By 2015, the PHD UNS digital library contains metadata about 4,377 PhD dissertations; 702 of those 4,377 have an uploaded digital format of dissertation; 378 of those 702 are published under an open-access license. Furthermore, more than 90% (293 of 322) PhD  dissertations defended after putting the digital library into operation are published under open-access licenses.

The digital library logs messages about downloading digital files representing PhD  dissertations. A logged message includes information about download date and time, title and other bibliographic information about a PhD  dissertation. Moreover, log message includes information how a user find downloaded dissertation: through the search web page of the CRIS UNS digital library or through a web portal of some of networks of digital libraries and institutional repositories which member is PHD UNS. An example of logged message is shown in Listing 1


[ INFO] 05.08.2014. 00:30:59 (FileManagerServlet:handleDownload)

Download file: (BISIS)77387| 230| disertacija.pdf| DARTEurope ( | | record: Molnar Jelena, Efekti odabranih unapredenih procesa oksidacije i koagulacije na sadržaj prirodnih organskih materija u vodi, Prirodno-matematički fakultet u Novom Sadu, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, 2011

                                                                                     Listing 1. A download message


Graph 1 shows results of an analysis conducted on those messages. 



digital library logs PHD UNS

                                                                                     Graph 1. The digital library logs