Latest news and events for CRIS and PHD UNS

2011, April

Valentin Penca and Siniša Nikolić became new team members. There topics searching of scientific results and evaluation of scientific results, respectively.

2011, February

Dragan Ivanović published monograph which is awarded as the best research paper in Computer Science field in 2011 by Serbian Informatics Society

2010, September

Lidija Ivanović became a new team member. Her topic is implementation of PHD UNS digital library and its integration with CRIS UNS

2010, May

Dragan Ivanović, a team member of this project, took his PhD dissertation.

2010, January

A proposal for the first PhD  dissertation which is result of this project was submitted. The proposed title is “A scientific-research activities information system”, PhD candidate is Dragan Ivanović, advisor is Branko Milosavljević

2009, December

A paper which is result of DOSIRD UND project was accepted for publication in the Electronic Library journal. The paper describes a data model compatible with CERIF and MARC 21 format. Gordana Rudić was consulted in this task.

2009, December

Faculty of Sciences become the first faculty which researchers use CRIS UNS.

2009, September

The first version of CRIS UNS put into operation.

2008, December

DOSIRD UNS project started as a result of consultation between Dušan Surla, Zora Konjović, Branko Milosavljević and Dragan Ivanović